A special 21st bday at bali villa

Louloupops was ordered by Joy for her 21st bday party at Bali villa @ gillman village . Such a nice n cosy venue for a bday party . My last time there was like 4 years ago (?!?!)

Theme was ” something loved and something loathed “. So the order was a tray of pretty rainbow pops + a tray of contrasting ‘ugly ‘ pops !

I actually liked the ugly pops better ! :p each pop was topped with swirly drips and drops – giving each pop so much character ! Purple clashed with yellow -red clashed with green – orange clashed with purple . I’m starting to really like purple now .

Below are pics taken by Joy and friends – the tall pretty babe with the nice hair is the bday girl !

I love the pics ! Makes me happy to be part of someone’s special day – immortalized in pictures !

Thanks joy ! See you at your 22nd :p